It’s a very attractive premise is to improve brain performance through the use of proper supplementation. For this purpose, the use of adaptogenic herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine, which also have nootropic properties, is growing in popularity. One herb that has been found to be extremely effective for improving nervous system function is Bacopa Monnieri, mainly due to its neurogenesis-stimulating properties.

Bacopa Monnieri and brain – study premise

Researchers decided to test the effects of Bacopa (Brahmi) supplementation on cognitive ability on a group of people who need to keep it high - medical students.

Bacopa Monnieri and brain – a clinical study

For the double-blind study, 60 healthy individuals who were not taking any medications or stimulants that affect nervous system function were selected. They were randomly assigned to either a group receiving 150 mg of Bacopa Monnieri extract twice a day or a placebo group, receiving identical-looking tablets with biologically inactive fillings twice a day. Before the study began, a blood sample was taken from the participants to determine baseline parameters and neuropsychological tests were performed.

The study lasted 45 days, with follow-up every 15 days. In the end, a regressive test was conducted to compare results. Tests included repeating a heard sequence of numbers in the same or reverse order, finding a pair for a heard word in memory based on previously presented pairs of words to remember, or clicking the correct key as quickly as possible after the correct picture was displayed on a monitor to determine reaction time.

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Recommended Bacopa Monnieri supplement with high bioactive substance content - Apollo's Hegemony Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri and brain – study results

The results of the experiment showed improved memory, noting a greater ability to take in new information and then recall and process it in a short period of time. The effects are interesting in that the trial was relatively short in duration and low doses of the extract were used. Doses in excess of 300mg per day are commonly suggested, and some supplements contain higher doses even in a single capsule. This indicates that regular use of Bacopa Monnieri extract may be a treatment that effectively supports cognitive function and learning abilities.